The World Percussion Group

Assembling the world’s elite

Artistic Director: Tim Palmer (Maraca2 Percussion Duo)

Benefits of Joining WPG

What are the benefits of registering to audition for the World Percussion Group?

    Naturally, there are significant benefits to being successfully invited to join the World Percussion Group, we’ll get to these later. Firstly, we would like to highlight the benefits that all applicants will experience. We want to make this a positive experience for everyone, not just the selected artists. This all will be available with NO APPLICATION FEE!

    • All applicants will have full exclusive access to the WPG Artist masterclasses and coaching sessions* (Almost 50 hours of classes! - Please see example). Concerts carried out on the WPG 2024 Academy will also be available on YouTube. You will have exclusive access to all clinics from the past WPG Tours.       
    • Once registered on the website, you will be able to access audition tutorial videos recorded by Maraca2. These are to help you prepare your WPG audition for existing ensembles, should you decide to use an excerpt from our pack. The tutorials provide valuable insight into what we are looking for from you.
    • All auditions will be watched and graded against a consistent and detailed set of performance criteria. A feedback commentary produced by Artistic Director Tim Palmer will give you an insight into the selection process and the justification of the result. Please see an example below:
    • By registering on the WPG website you are supporting an innovative, ground breaking project. You are supporting the development of the next generation of international percussion stars and making it even more likely that this project will develop onwards, enabling future tours in other locations around the world in subsequent years.
    • All applicants will be the first to know of all WPG news and developments. You will be able to contact us with any questions or queries you may have or for any further advice.
    • Based on these benefits we are confident that even if you are not successful in being offered a place in the WPG, you all will have a valuable experience in auditioning for the group.
             *A small portion of classes will not be streamed to applicants, this is at both WPG and the Coaches discretion.

    But what are the benefits if you successfully win a place within the group?

    • You will be provided with an invaluable experience, allowing you to network, develop your teaching and performance skills alongside a host of award-winning coaches. The selected artists will all focus on the common goal of producing the highest quality performance and educational experiences for audiences and students around a variety of events on our WPG Academy platform. You will be mixing with percussionists from all over the world, developing your awareness of the percussion community as a global entity.
    • You will build a critical list of contacts as part of the group; vital for the future development of your careers whatever field you choose to progress within.
    • Through a collective effort by members of the WPG, you will be associated with an ensemble that is recognised within the field as a beacon of excellence. The WPG Academy details can be added to your records of achievement and show future contacts and employers your experience.
    • You will have the chance to showcase your existing talents and there will be multiple opportunities to broadcast your pre-recorded footage on our platform
    • Garrett Mendelow will deliver several sessions in the lead up to July. These will focus on David Lang's 'So Called Laws of Nature II', John Psatha's 'Kyoto', and 'Okho' by Iannis Xenakis.

     2024 Virtual Academy Benefits:
    Present your existing solo/ensemble work. 
    Develop your social media presense and present them in a real life setting to a large-scale audience.
    Engage in masterclasses from the world's most experienced players. 
    Join a virtual performance of challenging and rewarding chamber music.
    Network with the next generation of artists sharing a common goal within the percussion community.


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